The following Air Testing Reports are what the County tried to do in lieu of investigating the cluster of health complaints that cropped up around the Hostetler hen-laying operation.  There is no doubt that the air studies conclusively supported Plaintiff’s contention that neighbors are being harmed by the discharge from this facilitly.

Air Testing Report 8-27-2012

Air Testing Report Amendment 9-28-2012

Nordstrom Memo Oct 12, 2012

Nuisance Myths and Poultry Farming Pt 1Nuisance Myths andPoultry Farming Pt 2      Nuisance Myths and Poultry Farming Pt 3

Below are our expert’s analyses of the above reports.  Certainly worth a read.

Air Resource Specialist, Inc. by D. Howard Gebhart and Lincoln Sherman

Report by Sandra Genell Pridgen, Consultant to SRAP

Report by Frances P. Lazear, DVM

Report by Kathy Martin, Environmental Consultant, President , Martin Environmental Services

Report by Kendall M. Thu, PhD, Professor and Chair, Dept of Anthropology, Northern Illinois Univ.

World Poultry – CSES Study


PROPERTY DEVALUATION DOCUMENTATION   Mr. John Kilpatrick wrote an 18 page memo specifically for CLUC to submit to the BoCC at the Sept 4, 2012, public hearing.  Kilpatrick is the nations leading expert on the negative impact of confined animal operations on surrounding property values.  Kilpatrick Letter to CLUC   Pam Sant, head of Appraisal Associates of Colorado, Inc, based in Grand Junction, CO, also provided a letter for CLUC to submit that further substantiated the negative property devaluations associated with confined animal operations.  Pam Sant Letter

The following is Judge Patrick’s ruling on our first Part 106 (a) (4) lawsuit.

59 Order on Rule 106 Claim  This ruling invalidates the approval of the Hostetler Chicken facility applications, and remands back to the BoCC for further consideration.