About CLUC


CLUC is an alliance of Delta County residents, primarily from the North Fork Valley, who have joined together to fight industrial factory chicken facilities being located in rural neighborhoods throughout the North Fork Valley without sufficient setback from neighboring properties and occupied residences.  CLUC’s premise is that these chicken facilities are incompatible in most rural neighborhoods due to density and proximity, and will have an extremely detrimental impact on surrounding property values and the health, safety, and welfare of the surrounding neighbors.

On Aug 29, 2011, the Delta County BoCC approved applications for the construction and operation of two 15,000 laying hen facilities in the North Fork Valley….one on Powell Mesa and the other on Redlands Mesa.  In response, CLUC was created and in Sept, 2011, filed a Part 106 (a)(4) lawsuit against the county alleging that the BoCC acted capriciously and arbitrarily in approving the applications in violation of the regulatory Delta County Master Plan.  That lawsuit is currently pending Judge Steven Patrick’s decision.